So, you’ve probably noticed.  The word “hustle” has really been getting a bad rap.

I know.  What’s the deal with that?

I think it’s because so many people now equate “hustling” with skimping on sleep and burning the candle at both ends, sacrificing everything to make your dreams come true, and drinking way more coffee on a daily basis than the average human being would even think about consuming.

That is absolutely not my definition of the word, and I suspect it’s not yours either.  And so for the most part, I just ignore the “hustle” haters precisely for this reason.

That said, there is an important issue being raised here – a side business is a commitment, in terms of time, energy, and bandwidth.

To ignore this fact, in my humble little opinion, is just plain asking for trouble.  It’s a recipe for big-time burnout.

And no one wants that.

Oh man.  It’s awful.

You’re tired all of the time.

You’re cranky with everyone.  You even catch yourself yelling at the cat.

The cat!

And what sucks even more is when you’re left with the feeling that you’ve been spinning your wheels and driving everyone nuts…

and only making minimal progress with your business.

No bueno.

So, how do you avoid this scenario? (I mean, no one likes yelling at their cat…)

Keeping your well being in mind is the best way to defend against the burnout monster.


You need to honor yourself and honor what you need to feel good.

Plan time for the activities and the people you need in your life and make sure that your daily/weekly/monthly routines reflect a focus on your wellness.

What do you love to do for fun or relaxation?

Who do you love spending time with?

What recharges your batteries?


I use a time-blocking approach to structuring my week and my wellness activities are built-in.



Sunday Funday, anyone?

If you want to give this time-blocking thing a try, grab my Master Schedule template (included in the Side Hustler’s Toolkit).  Let me know how it goes!

So, what can you do to keep yourself well and your hustle strong?  Tell me in the comments!

Need a few ideas to boost your wellness efforts?

Check out the 30-day Wellness Challenge my friend and yogi, Jess Constable has lovingly crafted especially for the Side Hustlers’ Haven!



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