Side Hustle Boost 1:1 Coaching Package:


Side hustlers are a special breed.

We’re up late, long after everyone else has gone to bed, just to get a few more hours in for our businesses.  We wake up extra early on weekdays in order to make a little progress on our most meaningful work before heading off to the office.

We’re committed to making something happen.  We put the hard work in and make the sacrifices we need to.  And, that makes it even more frustrating when we aren’t seeing the results we’d hoped for with our side businesses.


Want more clients?

Need to build your audience?

Not really sure where to focus?


I get so much out of a session with Tracey – I leave a session with her feeling fresh, inspired and raring to go! I tend to be quite hard on myself and doubt in myself, so Tracey really manages to transform my attitude. My chats with her have never been rushed, always filled with good ideas. Whether as a sounding board or a brainstorming session, Tracey is definitely my go-to girl for advice and support!

Sarah Cameron

Owner, MIY Crafts

Together we will:

Identify the ONE thing that you can concentrate your efforts on right now to make measurable progress toward your most meaningful goal and we’ll build our strategy around that.

Put together a 90-day action plan designed to get you real results.


Based on your specific business needs, we may focus our time in one or more of these areas:


  • Getting clear on the target market you are most excited about and best able to serve.  Once you know who they are, you’ll be able to find them!
  • Developing effective strategies to reach and resonate with your people. They need to know you are speaking to them.
  • Identifying any other barriers standing between you and signing more of your favorite type of client.  We’ll crush those barriers!
  • Creating more time in the week for your hustle!  The typical side business requires about 10-15 hours per week to make real progress.
  • Setting concrete goals for your business.  If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you get there?


Then, to help you implement your action plan, you’ll have a full 90 days of support so that you can get any questions answered, make adjustments if necessary, and kick things into high gear knowing that someone will be checking in on your progress and holding you accountable.

Included in the Side Hustle Boost:



  • One 75-minute in depth strategy session

  • Pre-session questionnaire 

  • Recording of our session

  • Post-session summary/roadmap 

  • 90 days of post-session support:

    • 3 additional 30-minute calls to be used anytime in the 90 days following your 75-minute session

    • Email support for 90 days

    • Weekly email check-in/reminders from me

My Commitment to you

You’ve worked hard to get this side hustle off the ground.  I’m committed to seeing you take it a step further. The Side Hustle Boost is all about digging into your current business and your goals, so that we can develop and implement an action plan built on the most effective strategies to move your business forward right now.  I’ll be by your side, helping you to stay on track and providing support when you need it.

Ready to apply?

To ensure that we’re an absolutely awesome fit to work together, I’ve put together just a few questions to help me gather a little bit of information about you and your side business goals.

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The word from side hustlers just like you…

I arrived with an idea of what services I can provide, and Tracey asked me the right questions to get me thinking about how to get moving on an action plan..She wisely pointed out that I already had the right ideas, and then she coached me through marketing strategy tips and how to reach clients. It was a valuable brainstorming session, brief and precise…and Tracey’s coaching helped me leap to the next stage without dallying around in the planning stages…she saw that my side hustle was ready to launch, and I am grateful for her insight and foresight!

Maria Jameson

Employee Advocate and Placement Specialist

Tracey = guru side hustle rock star coach. She not only kept me accountable in my efforts to start a side business, she kept me motivated and on track. There’s so much that can go wrong in creating a business, yet Tracey was always there with some calm piece of advice. She helped me explore, clarify, plan, execute and design my side business to serve my life. I highly recommend working with Tracey. Now I’m able to coach guys on leading healthy lives and get paid for it, something I never thought I could have done in the past.

Matthew Toy

Men's Coach, Man Yoga

Tracey is an excellent coach that really cares for your best! I could recall countless times she has went the extra mile for me such as providing me with calls to help me boost my business. I needed help with improving my sales skills and she gladly would role play with me and provide me with valuable feedback.

I remember when I’ve struggled with my business. And she gave me a new perspective that shifted me to a place of abundance and growth. I was stuck at my business after landing 4 clients and didn’t know how to breakthrough the plateau. After breaking the plateau, I landed 2 new clients in one day and then another one a few days later!

In the beginning of our time together, I was amazed by her level of clarity she helped me with. I only wanted to earn an extra $100 a month. But soon realized I did over $1000. She exceeded the expectations. Some of the great concepts I learned from her were the Master Schedule and Theme Days. Both strategies that I still use till this day.

When I started working with Tracey, I had 2 jobs working 60+ hours a week and still in school. Now at  21 years old, I’ve left both of my jobs and quit school to do my fitness consulting business full time. I’ve sold thousands of dollars in coaching packages in 3 months time and have a life where I’m able to travel. I just came back from San Diego for a transformational conference to invest back into my business. Soon, I’ll be traveling to LA, NYC, Hawaii and Asia. All because I created a side hustle to help me. This side hustle became full time.

If you’re reading this, I HIGHLY recommend you to work with Tracey in Side Hustle or Debt Management! 🙂

Colin Ngai

Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Minimalist Nutrition

Got questions?

If you don’t see the answer you need here, feel free to email me at anytime.

I'm not sure exactly what I need help with.

I’ve got you covered.  When you book your session, you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire from me.  I’ll use your responses and my own research to pinpoint the best areas to focus on together.  This will give us a great starting place to work from on our call.

How much "email support" is included following the session?

You can email me anytime you need something during the 90 days following our session.  Got a question?  Cool, shoot me a message. Need a little encouragement?  Awesome.  I’m happy to cheer you on!

I have a few hustles. Is this still for me?

That’s up to you!  My personal side hustle philosophy is, “Focus makes the magic happen” and so, my approach to coaching requires narrowing down to work on a SINGLE side hustle at a time.  Focus is a powerful thing.  And if you feel you can commit to following one path for 90 days, then this package is right for you.