Sarah Cameron is a member of the Side Hustlers’ Haven.  She’s one of the most helpful, most positive, and maybe one of the sassiest members of the group!  When she’s not entertaining the group or teaching me Scottish slang, she’s running her craft subscription box business, M.I.Y. Crafts from a far-flung corner of the United Kingdom.

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As I sit down to my laptop in my office, I have an eight year old complaining at me that the food shop hasn’t arrived yet and a three year old playing nicely – a miracle in this house – but the sounds of her playing are my background noise.

These two little people are why I hustle.

A little over two years ago I found myself in the unenviable position of becoming a single mother. The end of a relationship and stressful house move was followed a few months later by the death of my kids Dad and the love of my life. Sadly, we lost him to suicide which adds an extra rubbish facet of pain to any sort of grief.

So, I did my thing.

I kept my children going and myself going and battled through the worst of it (with the help and support of some truly awesome people. I would never have got through it without them).

Then I found myself having to face a bit of reality.

I was alone with two children, no money, no car (or driving license!) living in a small North-East Scottish Village.

Despite an English Literature degree, a background in Hotel Management and some experience selling handmade crochet goods online, I hadn’t worked in three years and due to my location jobs are few and far between.

Ideas started forming and MIY Crafts was born.



A culmination of several ideas, I worked away on little details, applying for funding, wondering if I had lost my mind and telling everyone I knew what I was planning so they could give me some feedback!

I’ve always been a crafty soul and I am really passionate about people giving things a go! I like to dabble in all crafts (jack of all trades, master of none springs to mind!) and I don’t believe you have to excel in things to get the enjoyment out of them.


With MIY Crafts I provide monthly subscription boxes as well as individual kits, to get people starting making.


There’s so much more I could write in this article.

Grief never really leaves you, it just becomes easier to live with other time.

So, I hustle, and I hustle hard, because I want my children to grow up not feeling like they missed out on anything.

I want to be financially secure in my own right. I want to be able to buy a car so we can do more things together as a family.


This list is long of things I want, but I also want to do it in my own way, without compromising on family time. When my kids look back and I want them to remember that I was always around.

Losing one parent is hard enough, I want to be present in their little lives every day so they don’t feel the loss so much.

On top of all this I get to spend my days doing things I love and feel passionate about!

Five months into my business it’s hard going.  I’ve certainly not achieved any of my goals, but I am working away and I can just see all the good things coming.

The food shopping has been delivered, so we’re a happy household again!

The big one has his snacks and his xbox, little one has her snacks and her toys. I have some time to work before going out, the three of us, to a local farm shop for lunch and a play and to feed some cows.

Yes, friends, that is why I hustle.



Sarah Cameron makes a multitude of pretty things from her home in the North-East of Scotland. She is passionate about crafts and getting other people started on their crafty journey! M.I.Y. Crafts provides a monthly craft box subscription service as well as individual kits suitable for all skill levels. When she’s not working she can be found with her two kids, as close to the seaside as possible!



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