Kyle Steinkuhler is a new reader of the blog!  He reached out and sent me his “Why I Hustle” story and I’m excited to share it with you!  Kyle’s a school teacher and football coach who is hustling to bring more options into the life he is building with his fiancee.  In addition to his full-time job and coaching responsibilities, Kyle teaches drivers ed and runs Dollar Diligence, a blog chronicling his journey to financial freedom!

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Alright, let me turn it over to Kyle!


In the past couple years, my thinking has changed drastically.

See, I’m a teacher and coach.  I do have the opportunity to affect the future by working with students.  It’s an amazing opportunity and I’ll never take it for granted.

That being said, I’m getting tired of working for someone (not specifically), being tied down to a location, and the thought of doing this for another 30 years doesn’t really appeal to me.

I want options in my future, and I want that future to be here before I’m too old to enjoy it.

Do I need a side hustle?  No.  I don’t need one at all.

I make decent money, a teacher with a Master’s Degree does just fine despite what people say.  I live with my fiancee in a nice apartment in a nice area.  With my salary alone I’m able to save a couple grand a month for our future together.

However, our future together, is why I hustle.

My fiancee is in the medical field.  We live in a decent sized city, but not the largest one in our state.  One of the best medical centers in the United States is located about 50 miles away.  Due to my job, my fiancee unselfishly relocated in order to be with me.  She took a job in a respectable hospital because my job is less mobile.  She could very easily have been selfish and gotten a job at the nationally recognized hospital 50 miles away where she attended school.

This is why I started hustling, and this is why I will continue to hustle – I want options.

I want the option in my future to not be tied down to a single job and single location.  My school is great, but I want to have the option to move around.

I want to have the option to stay home and make money or relax before I turn 60 years old.

I want financial independence.

I don’t want to rely on a location specific job that short-changes my future wife’s career goals.

This is why I hustle.  

I’ve held many part time summer jobs in my time as a teacher, but during the school year I’ve always been too busy coaching to have a side hustle.  I did technically get paid to coach, but the hours are outrageous and the pay is much less than minimum wage.  Recently, I started thinking, “What’s my time really worth?  Is it worth it to coach?”  See my whole blog post about it here.

I gave up a few volunteering gigs and started focusing on financial independence.  My current side hustle is teaching drivers education.  I get to use my skills as a teacher and make absolutely fantastic money.  Considering I’m literally risking my life, it better be great money!

In the short time I’ve been a drivers education instructor, I’ve tripled what I made coaching.  In 2017 I’m thinking I’ll make over $10,000 with this “side hustle.”

Nothing to cause a major life change, but something that can add to future options.

This is why I hustle.

So what will the future bring?

I can guarantee I will not be working for this same school district in 30 years.  If I work as a teacher forever, great, but I will have the option to retire much earlier than normal if I continue to hustle.  I’ll continue driver’s education, but I really want to boost my income through my new blog at Check it out and let me know what you think!

If I’m being completely honest, I’d prefer to spend every day working from home on my blog, and doing whatever else I want!  I love running, hiking, hunting, fishing, and traveling.  It’s hard to do that when you’re committed to being somewhere every day.  I don’t want to be tied down to any job, any location, ever again.  I’m not bitter or mad about it, I signed up for this.

I just want options for my future!

This is why I hustle!

Kyle Steinkuhler is a teacher, coach, and side hustler! You can follow his journey to financial freedom at Topics range from student loans, side hustles, to debt free living to give you options in your future!

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