Ok.  So, you’ve heard it before.

Anything that’s worth anything in life requires hard work, persistence, grit, hustle…right?


But before the work, there must be a decision.

Decision leads to action.

Action is sustained by desire.

Desire comes from being connected with what moves you at the deepest level.


You know there’s just more to life than just going to work, coming home, watching TV on the couch, going to bed, getting up and repeating.



So, what moves you?


  • Do you want more control over how you work? Where you work from? What you work on?
  • Can you imagine doing something that’s so uniquely you that it doesn’t feel like work?
  • Do you want the confidence, feeling of self-reliance, and independence that comes with having a source of income that you control?

It’s all a lot closer than you think.


And you don’t have to get there on your own.  In fact, it’s actually way easier if you surround yourself with the right people and resources!


Find community

Breaking away from the pack and starting something of your own can be lonely.  But it doesn’t have to be.  The Side Hustlers’ Haven is THE place where you can get support from others who understand where you are and where you’re going, accountability to keep you moving forward and making progress, motivation to push through the emotional highs and lows that come along with side hustler-ship, and valuable resources to help you level up your hustle, all while making the connections that will make a difference in your business.


Get personalized coaching

A little about me:

So, I started side hustling out of necessity.

I wasn’t so much angry as I was resigned.

“Debt is a way of life” was my motto for most of my adult life.

Lack of hope kept me from putting together a solid, workable plan to get myself out of debt.  Lack of hope kept me stuck.  And stuck for a an embarrassingly long period of time.  We’re talking like…10 years.

But, a couple of years ago, a moment of inspiration threw me headlong into the world of business and personal finance podcasts.  Listening to the stories of others, who like me had made some less-than-wise financial decisions, overcoming their debt through taking control of their earning ability, left a tremendous imprint on my mind.

Side business was an avenue to freedom.

I started a small virtual assistant side business, providing social media and community management and other support services for podcasters with purpose.  I crushed my car loan.  Demolished my credit card debt.  And now I’m finishing off the last of my student loan!

But, this is about so much more than beating debt and bringing in extra income.

Working with entrepreneurs who were lit up about what they were doing, creating businesses based on their strengths and passions, impacting others in a big way, and doing it all on their terms was a game changer for me.

There really is magic in the hustle.

My VA business led me to coaching.

I had the pleasure of working alongside career and business coach, Scott Barlow and his team at Happen to Your Career for almost two years.  I started out behind the scenes, handling social media and supporting the Happen to Your Career podcast – a show which now gets over 10,000 downloads a month and has featured some amazing guests like Jeff Goins and Michael Port.  Exciting stuff to say the least!

My role evolved into helping to develop course material and finally, put me directly out into the coaching arena where I worked with students in HTYC’s two flagship programs, Figure Out What Fits and Side Biz MBA.

I quickly got hooked on coaching.

Now, I’m helping others launch, and grow side businesses that light them up and support the life they’ve designed for themselves.

How can I help you?



I’m also a full-time lab supervisor at a medical device and diagnostics company, I have a healthy (?) obsession with craft beer, l almost always laugh at fart jokes, and I’m returning to capoeira after a 3-year hiatus (ouch!).

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